Call Me _____ Maybe

Deceit is never a noble act. We are never encouraged to lie about anything about ourselves ever since we started gaining consciousness about the world. But, as we all probably know, there are exceptions to every rule.

With deceit, there might be one of those exceptions too. There is one exception, one little thing, that makes deceit not too much of a dishonorable act because it is purely done in the name of fun. It is considered an exception because its purpose is not to be used as a con for an atrocity. What I’m about to suggest involves a cup of coffee, a barista, and a certain household name.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about?

This line might help: “One tall Mocha Frappuccino for…”

There you go. I’m talking about that popular Starbucks tradition of calling out your name when your order is ready for pick up at the bar counter. Instead of having the barista call out your real name (which should be pretty boring by now), why not play it up a bit and have him/her call out a different name instead? It could be as simple as an inside name joke among your friends or as crazy as the name of a superhero or a celebrity.

Make everyone’s day by having the barista call out “One tall Java Chip Frappuccino for Wolverine!” Come on, who doesn’t want to be Wolverine for a day, even just by name? And who knows, Wolverine might actually be a frappuccino fan.

Or, distract everyone by having the barista call out “One Caramel Macchiato for Jennifer Lawrence!” I mean, why not?

Forget about the raised eyebrows and the seemingly judgmental looks. They’re enjoying that “ridiculous” moment on the inside too, trust me (I’m secretly – well, not so secretly anymore – a judger). Once they call out your “name”, take that cup of coffee and give everyone else in the store a big smile. Wave to them even, if you feel celebrity-like. But, most important of all, enjoy your five seconds of fame. It’ll be worth it. You don’t get to be Wolverine or J Law everyday, you know? And not everyone has your guts to claim that fame. So, seize the moment and feel good about it. Take a break from all the seriousness of life and all the insanity of reality, and for once, just let loose and let your inner child take over. Remind everyone to not be so uptight all the time. Life is not all about serious business. Sometimes, the happiest moments are the craziest ones because those are the times that you don’t have to think. So, shake your shoulders and distract everyone the next time you go to Starbucks. Good luck and have fun!


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