Singing in the Shower

I’m no Whitney Houston, and I cannot belt it out like Jennifer Hudson in ‘Dreamgirls’.

Or, can I?

Okay, fine, I can pretend. I can try  to be Whitney Houston when I’m in the shower.

With the tiled walls as my audience and the shampoo bottle as my microphone, my voice is ready to take the spotlight. Ehem. And I… will always love you… *coughs and catches breath* And I continue to shriek and scream to my vocal cords’ desire. After all, there’s no one there to hear it. More importantly, there’s no one there to judge me.

I can close my eyes and pretend to successfully reach those high notes in Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. I can even jump up and down in a small puddle of water as I sing an Imagine Dragons’ hit or dance to my own rendition of Gaga’s “Applause”. I can roar to Katy Perry’s single or pretend to strum an electric guitar to the beats of Aerosmith. Or, I can simply stand there, sway my arms in the air, and sing a classic by the Carpenters or the Beatles. And I can let my imagination take me to some place as grand as my own jam-packed concert. Ha!

The world today is much too complicated and stressful that we can – we have to – once in a while (or once in every day), slide out of our own normal routines and unwind in the most relaxing way imaginable, even if it concerns doing something as silly as pretending to hold your own concert in the shower room, while you’re putting shampoo on your hair. Actually, I believe that the more silly an idea is, the more liberating it is, because the nonsensical aspect of it makes us less bound to the dictates and mandates of our judgmental, pretentious, and self-righteous society. Who ever said that we have to be serious, professional-like, and boring all the time? I don’t believe that’s what living – truly living – is about anyway. Living is about something else entirely; it is about none of the pretentious and temporary marks of glee that our society would have us believe or what it teaches us to accept. Rather, I think living is about finding and doing what makes us genuinely and naturally smile and consequently makes us learn, grow, or simply makes us feel reborn. It’s not about staying sane in this world, but also about being able to voluntarily and fearlessly be crazy or silly sometimes in order to beat the stressful reality. Engage in something that will liberate you from the humdrum of your everyday life, like, I don’t know, singing in the shower?

Go on, take my tip. Sing in the shower. Pretend it’s your concert. Pretend to be your favorite artist.

Some say that people who sing can achiever lower levels of stress compared to those who don’t, so, that’s more reason for you to put your vocal cords to work. But, if, like me, you happen to be not so proud of how your voice sounds like in public, there’s always the shower room.

Go ahead; showcase your talent, and belt it out. The shower room is all yours and the bathroom tiles are all ears. Go have some fun and just enjoy. After all, they say that one’s voice sounds much better in the shower than out of it. So, there, it won’t be so bad. Seize the moment and sing…

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