Photos courtesy of boston.com, worldvision.com.au, and silive.com

Real people. Real incidents. Real disasters.

You can call it fate. You can call it destiny. You can even call it consequences of human actions. But, whatever we call it, this is the only truth: This is reality.

Photos courtesy of indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com, christianpost.com, and examiner.com

Photos courtesy of indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com, christianpost.com, and examiner.com

Houses are destroyed, and properties are lost. Crops are washed away, and livelihoods are greatly affected. Entire cities are submerged in floodwater, and lands are split by quakes. People suffer through hunger and cold, and some suffer through desolation and depression. Friends, neighbors, relatives, countrymen, and fellow humans go missing. The death toll rises – someone has lost his/her life again.

Fate isn’t always kind. Life isn’t always fair. The world isn’t always beautiful.

But, it can get better. We can help make it better for those who can no longer see the light in their days. Even for a bit. We can raise their hopes, give them courage, provide them with the strength to carry on with their lives amidst the disaster, and hand them the basic necessities that will give them physical strength and that will aid them in regaining their lives back. We can show them that there is still some goodness left in this world, that they can and will recover from the catastrophe, and that there is still something to live and to fight for despite life’s occasional cruelty.

Photos courtesy of archian.wordpress.com, tlcnyc.org, and theworshipwarriorbride.wordpress.com

Photos courtesy of archian.wordpress.com, tlcnyc.org, and theworshipwarriorbride.wordpress.com

There are real people out there who are crying, screaming, suffering, and dying. There are all sorts of misery out there that are causing oppression all over the world. Where is our outcry? Where is our humanity? Can you bear to look at the victims and still stay indifferent? Where is your response as a human?

This is not a call for help; this is a call for human response. This is not a lesson on kindness; this is a reminder on humanity.

Amidst all the greed, pride, selfishness, and evil, let us try to find empathy and reconnect with the world. Reach out – and put a smile on someone’s face. Reach out – and erase a bit of gloominess in this world. Reach out – and feel that small moment of joy when a victim becomes encouraged. Reach out – and grow. Reach out – and become human again.

Humanity is not measured by the number of good deeds one has done. Neither is it measured by the size of a deed. Rather, it is measured by  the extent of one’s willingness to reach out and by the gravity of the impact of one’s act of kindness. No matter how small, as long as it helps, go for it. We are not after the fame that it could possibly bring, detailing every kind act on national television. We are not after listing down all our benevolent acts and patting ourselves on the back for being such a good citizen of the world. We are not after any sort of bragging right – of telling our friends that we are helping out here and donating there. No. We are seeking the positive recovery of the victims through sharing of goods, positive vibes, encouragement, time, and care. We are after the recuperation of these victims and sharing in the joy of being able to be a part of their joy. We are after their joy and our growth as humans at the same time.

As our world faces so many disasters every single day, let us do something to make it less miserable. Donate. Volunteer. Give moral support. Pray. Encourage. Share information about the situation. Reach out. Make an impact. Respond. It is one small moment that can make a huge contribution to the lives of many.

We are #OneWorld. Let us not be divided by the color of our skins, by the religions we belong to, by the beliefs that we have, and by our greed. We are all humans. We are #OneWorld. Reach out. Be human, stay human.


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