Pop That Bubble

Is it that soft pop sound? Or is it that seemingly gentle push against the bundle of pressure contained within that small bubble? Well, whatever it is that makes popping bubble wraps such an addictive activity, it can’t be denied that the act is able to elicit a certain joy within us.Admit it or not, popping bubble wraps has been successfully turning frowns upside down for as long as it has been around.

I don’t exactly know what makes it so crazy. Not that I am, in any way, going to try to apply what little psychology skills I have to understand the logic behind it. No, that ain’t gonna happen. It’s just weird – having that constant crave to get my fingers onto the surface of those bubbles when I see a bubble wrap. It’s like a sweet temptation that I can’t resist, like a box of butterscotch brownies AND chocolate chip cookies calling out to me to devour them (great, now I’m hungry) or like a small kitten with big, black eyes asking me to cuddle it.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way when bubble wraps are within my peripheral vision. Someone else has got to be guilty about this too.

Bubble wraps, bubble wraps!

Bubble wraps, bubble wraps!

Bubble wraps. They lure us. They hypnotize us. They steal our attention. And when they have finally caught us, they don’t let us go. We officially become “bubble-holic”, and we pop bubble wraps like there’s no tomorrow.

Sometimes, we slowly pop each bubble in an orderly fashion, but sometimes, we randomly pop all the available bubbles in a race-like fashion. However we do it though, the end result is always the same: we feel better. Maybe, you’ve never noticed it. Or, perhaps you have, but have totally forgotten about it.

The  act of popping bubble wraps always makes us feel happier, livelier, and more positive about things. It delivers a sense of secret excitement, a small bundle of joy. It brings us back to our childhood, to our carefree days. It sends us to a land of pure bliss filled with blooming flowers, clear waters, green fields, sunshine, apple pies, champagne, teddy bears, ponies, unicorns, laughing babies, and all our favorite things. It temporarily closes our minds to the distracting chaos around us, leaving us to merely wander through a space of peace, love, and dreams. As we pop each bubble, we smile and we remember nothing but what joy and fun we are feeling at that point.

Unconsciously, we break away from the world we live in. Momentarily.

And sometimes, that is all we need.


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