Listening to the Rain

When the rain is falling outside your window, it’s the perfect time to curl up in your bed, drink some hot chocolate, and get all sentimental as you listen to that CD full of mellow songs, pretending that you are in one of those sad movies where the weather is sympathizing with you in your most recent heartbreak. Either that, or you’re just curling up in your bed and snoring the afternoon away (good for you). I know, I know, you were busy the entire week and you deserve the nap. I wasn’t judging you; don’t feel all guilty. You can sleep as much as you want, and I’ll pretend that I’m not secretly judging you for that. It’s all good, okay?

Rainy days though are more than just the hot chocolate, the cool air, and the opportunity to grab a decent nap. When it’s raining and you’re indoors, there is always that relaxing feeling that makes you want to either smile or cry, depending on your level of sentimentality., as you reflect on your life and the world or as you become nostalgic all of a sudden. As you watch the raindrops fall on your window pane, you suddenly reflect on your life, what you love about life, what you used to enjoy doing, and what you have been missing out on lately. You also begin to question your worth and your place in this world, then you wonder about the justice system implemented in your country and about the inequality present in our world. You continue to question many things – discrimination, modern-day slavery, power struggles, poverty, and doomsday – and you tell yourself that you want to help change the world. Thing is, we reflect but we forget about what we reflect on when we’re thrown back to the “real world”. We become so immersed in our own work that we tend to forget how much we wanted to help make the world a more pleasant place to be in, especially for those who know only of suffering and pain since they were born. Rainy days are great times to reflect, but I hope our thoughts and our reflections don’t evaporate into thin air once they’re over, like the raindrops outside our windows.

Rainy days are also when nostalgia hits you hard in the face. As you watch the children play under the rain and as you stare at the falling rain, you remember your own childhood, your high school friends with whom you haven’t kept in touch in over 6 years, those good ol’ college days that you’ve forgotten about because you were too busy making presentations and reports to please – not even impress – your boss, and those lunch dates you had with your ex. You remember, you recollect, and you feel sad because you realize how much you missed those people and those times you had with them – and you wish you could bring them back. But, since life loves to play with you, it only lets you remember  those moments but not to go back in time to relive them.

You then cry and pull out old photos that are buried under your bed. You smile at the sight of your friends and their silly faces in the photos. Oh look, there’s George! He’s pouring beer all over himself again. (I wonder if he still does that now) And then, there’s Lisa in her favorite yellow dress. And Michelle, there she is, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. And Greg, always the charming man that he is, smiling shyly behind everyone. And then, you wonder where they all are now. Did they get the jobs that they have always dreamed of? Are they still around the neighborhood? How many of them are married now? I guess, if that’s how much you miss them, maybe you should give them a call or send them an e-mail – or fine, send them a Facebook message. It’s never too late to keep in touch with an old friend, and if that’s all you need to keep you sane in your crazy life right now, then why not? You miss them (although they may not necessarily miss you), so go do something about that. Forget about reciprocity and what they might say. Just send that damn e-mail already! You don’t want to wait for another rainy day to remember doing that.

Apart from nostalgia and the sudden urge to reflect, you know what else rainy days bring us? Well, rain. Okay, I’m not trying to insult your common sense here, so hear me out first before you start picking up those tomatoes to hit me in the face.

It’s a common thing to feel all philosophical as you reflect and all dramatic as you look back at old days, but what we don’t usually do is listen to the rain. Yeah sure, you hear it, but do you listen to it? Do you listen to the sound of the raindrops dripping, to the rain pouring down from the sky and hitting the floor? I bet most of you don’t. I didn’t either, until a few weeks ago. And you know what? It’s actually nice.

The rain’s like this song that we never took the time to listen. A song that frees your mind. A song that makes you feel light and happy but lonely and scared at the same time. A song that touches your soul in a way that you’ll never get to explain (and probably won’t admit). A song that makes you feel at peace with yourself. A song that is made of various rhythms which are harmonized into one long melody. A song that reminds you of immortality and of endless possibilities. A song that tells us tales, whatever they may be – of dark winters, of  uncertainties, of cold winds and gloomy forests, of wild birds, of hibernating polar bears, of tigers in the wild, of death, of life, of newborn babies waiting to see the light of the day, of dreams waiting to be fulfilled, of the night sky, of good old times and beer, of friends and enemies, of waiting in vain, of war, of sacrifice, of selfless giving, of loving genuinely. It is a song that captures you and sings you a tune that is uniquely yours at precisely that moment.

It’s raining outside. Take a seat and close your eyes. Listen – listen to what it wants you to hear. There’s lots and lots of rain in this rainy day, and there’s a story somewhere in it for you. Listen to it speak to you and tell you about the day’s tales and the night’s secrets. Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of everything. You can reflect later. You can miss your old friends later. You can care about the worries of the world a little later.

But for now, pause. Take a deep breath.

And listen.

Let yourself be lost in this moment, in the song of the rain.


198 thoughts on “Listening to the Rain

  1. loved loved loved reading your blog…it is so beautiful…i lived every word you’ve written….it has left me yearning for the rain…your writing has a soul…very aptly freshly pressed…congratulations…(i even took the liberty and shared it with my friends)

    • True. The rain really is a great inspiration for songs and for other forms of art. It’s soothing, and it does tell a lot of different stories.

      Thanks for the comment and for the visit, Paul!

  2. This is beautiful and thought-provoking. Love it!
    Do you have a tumblr or anything like that? I’ve already followed via email to be reminded of any updates here but I don’t check my email regularly so there’s a chance I would miss any new posts.

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